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Most Popular Hunting Dog Breeds

1. Labrador Retriever: This is the most popular breed in the USA, and they are widely used for hunting waterfowl, upland game, and big game.

2. German Shorthaired Pointer: This breed is known for its exceptional pointing and retrieving abilities and is a popular choice for upland game hunting.

3. Golden Retriever: Golden Retrievers are also popular for hunting waterfowl and upland game, as well as their friendly and outgoing personalities.

4. Beagle: Beagles are a popular choice for hunting small game, particularly rabbit and hare.

5. English Springer Spaniel: English Springer Spaniel are also popular for hunting upland game, known for their high energy and endurance, as well as their strong retrieving abilities.

6. Vizsla: Vizsla is known for their pointing and retrieving abilities, making them a popular choice for hunting upland game and waterfowl.

7. Weimaraner: Weimaraners are known for their versatility, they are used for hunting big game, upland game and waterfowl.

8. Pointer: Pointers are known for their pointing abilities and are also popular for hunting upland game, particularly birds.

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